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Technical Recruiter

London, England,
Company: techruiter.
Category: Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Published 1 week ago

Job Details

We're determined to radically transform tech recruitment. Our vision is crafted from a history of delivery by our founders; we have successfully built world-class software engineering teams working on a range of products, including: Autonomous Vehicles; Healthcare AI; Low Latency Financial Trading; high scale E-commerce sites / Marketplaces; cutting-edge Ad Tech platforms.

We’ve built teams working on cool products such as driverless cars; healthcare AI; cutting-edge financial trading; e-commerce; ad tech platforms; and much, much more. We’ve got an exciting journey ahead of us — if you want to be a part of our mission to redefine team-building, then please get in touch!

The role

Would you like to be part of a rapidly growing company that is starting to make a global impact on tech recruitment and talent acquisition?

Our model of data driven sourcing is yielding good results; we use advanced sourcing techniques, we build excellent content and we deep dive in our technical screening; all of these gives us a competitive edge against our competitors.

We care deeply about innovation and showing up to work with an 'EVERY DAY IS DAY 1' attitude. We have an unmatched commission structure that goes up to 43%.

About you:

Raw intellectual horsepower:

Recruitment is fundamentally a puzzle, with lots of moving pieces that tessellate in complex ways. We need excellent problem-solvers, who can weigh up complex and competing requirements quickly and accurately.

True curiosity about technology:

How can you be a great recruiter in technology if you’re not endlessly curious about the technological world? Recruiters who lack that passion don’t go out of their way to learn about new tech. We want geeks who get excited by tech, whether that's diving into html for your blog or modding your favourite game!

Rigorous Honesty:

Recruiters have earned a reputation for playing fast and loose with the truth. If we’re going to make a real impact on the industry, we need to be rigorously honest recruiters. In reality, this means having the strength of character to tell the truth. Always.

If you're interested in finding out more. Please apply!

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Job offer: Technical Recruiter

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