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Remote Full Stack Developer - Clojure & React

London, England,
Company: WorksHub
Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Published 1 month ago

Job Details

The Brief

We are looking for a Remote Full Stack Developer to work with TypeScriptReact and Clojure to help us build out this website and grow the WorksHub platform!

What is WorksHub?

WorksHub is a software recruitment outfit that deploys a collection of websites that appeal to niche technology communities (e.g. Blockchain Works, Functional Works, JavaScript Works, etc.). These sites pull together companies, jobs, learning resources and open source projects to help software engineers grow their careers, learn and find new opportunities. Our dedicated recruitment team adds the 'human' layer, which consolidates applications and encourages participation.

About the role

We have lots of exciting (well, we're excited...) new features in the pipeline to enable companies and recruiters to hire better and faster. We also want to match candidates with companies that match their values and tech passions.

We are looking for a product-driven full stack developer who enjoys building polished UI but is also comfortable dealing with databases and operations. We are a small, flexible, and very business-minded outfit so expect to be involved in decision-making - your opinion matters!

We believe the role would suit someone who is either "junior" or "intermediate" level, who is keen to learn more about the intersection of coding and business, and who is ready to put their stamp on a young company.

The position would have the following responsibilities:

  • Working directly with CTO and Product Manager to establish priorities and delivery timelines
  • Writing and reviewing code to an excellent standard
  • Collaborating with other disciplines within the Product team; design, marketing etc
  • Contributing to regular analysis and review of processes and rituals
  • Developing and owning new features from conception to deployment, and beyond

We understand that "free biscuits" do not make a good employer. On top of a competitive salary, we also aim to address the core principles which make you settled at work:

  • You are autonomous and your time is flexible. We are outcome-driven, not "time sat at your desk"-driven.
  • You will pick your own training and can receive funding for areas that orbit your role. We want to help you to master your craft.
  • You need an environment that facilitates productivity. We can help with office equipment and furniture, to make you comfortable.

Skills we'd really like you to have

To hit the ground running, these are the core technologies we use day-to-day:

  • Clojure (or ClojureScript)
  • TypeScript
  • React

Other skills that would help

These are skills we think you can pick up pretty quickly but obviously, it's useful if you already have some experience with them:

  • Next.js
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB

Our tech team is currently based all around Europe and Russia and therefore you should be based between UTC/GMT-1 and UTC/GMT+3.

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Job offer: Remote Full Stack Developer - Clojure & React

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