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IT User Experience Lead I - Digital Collaboration

London, England,
Company: Boston Consulting Group
Category: Computer and Mathematical Occupations
Published 1 day ago

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You will be responsible for driving the experience of our remote working culture at BCG. You will work as part of a multi-disciplinary Agile team as the UX lead focused on driving the experience of digital collaboration and meeting experience for our BCG employees.

You will have the unique opportunity to work on multiple high-visibility projects that support our BCG employees. We're looking for a creative, service-design oriented individual who can find ways to help our employees.

On the product team, the UX Lead will be responsible for two key things:
  • Work together with the product owner for the creation of the UX design (iteratively)
  • Collaborate with the rest of the team for the execution of the design vision and illustrate how the experience journey improves over time

To support your responsibilities on the product team you will:
  • Drive and synthesize customer discovery and understanding through contextual interviews, job shadows and usability studies with employees across the company, learning how employees engage and collaborate across a variety of business capabilities and technical systems
  • Facilitate design thinking and working sessions across multiple disciplines to build shared understanding, consensus and forward progress against deliverables
  • Work closely with Change and Enablement team to create user journeys and design deliverables
  • Create service blueprints, process flows, information architecture diagrams, wireframes, prototypes or other artefacts required to build shared understanding across multiple disciplines
  • Collaborate with other UX Design professionals to establish and document best practices for consistently gathering and detailing customer understanding.
  • Create sustainable and effective mechanisms for evaluating delivered solutions

You should be comfortable jumping straight into the wide range of design tasks as part of a globally dispersed team. On-the-job learning will go hand-in-hand with guidance and formal training opportunities. You will work on a range of projects and support extended teams with design best practice to enable us to continue keeping our employees at the centre of everything we do. You can expect to have an impact at BCG from Day 1!

You’ll also be part of the broader UX Centre of Expertise, working alongside other UX team members. The UX CoE offers support, guidance and training for all our practitioners, and has in place the processes, methodologies, research and patterns libraries that gives us the support we need to do our best possible work.


1. The curious – someone who is curious about people, their behavior, and the digital landscape.
2. The pragmatist – who understand the necessary constraints of UX at scale and can adjust as needed
3. The flexible – someone who is happy and able to adjust their preferred design processes and approaches as projects demand
4. The collaborator – The UX CoE work across products, services and functions; we need someone who recognizes the need for broad engagement across the organization to arrive at the best design outcomes, we need to extend the team with people who are able to manage that complexity – and abstract complexity to simplicity where possible and appropriate
5. The thinkers and doers – Our designers need to be able to think conceptually and work practically; this is a practitioner role and you’ll be hands-on with research, analysis, concepting and prototyping
6. The synthesisers – BCG deal with complex problems day-in and day-out; we are looking for team members who are able to manage that complexity – and abstract complexity to simplicity where possible and appropriate
7. The outcome-oriented – someone who understand that research is a path to outcome, rather than an end in itself. Our work is to offer evidence-based guidance to the business
8. The advocate – our team are champions for our users and will have the skills, experience, credibility and soft-skills to negotiate on their behalf
9. The educator – the UX CoE is established and growing but we still need to help guide our colleagues towards a more user-centered outlook.
10. The learner - BCG is a learning organization and we are looking for someone that seeks to develop their skills and expertise continuously


Please note that this role is very much targeted at service design oriented UX folk. Whilst an eye for visual design and the ability to design effective, usable UIs is nice to have, the UX team is very much focused on higher-order user experience design.

We’d love to see candidates:

1. Who have at least five years experience solving complex problems and working in complex spaces
2. Who have experience of working in an Agile environment, ideally with an understanding of how to operate Agile at scale
3. Who understand the fundamental importance of research and analysis to support their design process and – perhaps more importantly – understand that necessity of their research analysis being outcome-oriented.
4. Who have experience of creating high-level, cross-product/service UX frameworks to drive consistency, increase the impact of our UX capabilities and solve for broad classes of problems
5. Who have business know-how: Understanding of business metrics and the ability to translate company goals and objectives into digital experiences
6. Who are comfortable with – and effective at – liaising with senior leadership; who are able to tell the story of their design in a language that resonates with the audience
7. Who understand the importance of being a credible design authority – who can evidence the contributions to broader business initiatives that their designs have achieved


You will be part of the internal User Experience Centre of Expertise. This is a globally dispersed team, located in London, Boston and New Delhi. You will work closely with our internal stakeholders globally and will be comfortable working tightly with passionate engineering and product teams that are concerned about the creation of a great user experience.

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Job offer: IT User Experience Lead I - Digital Collaboration

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