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Group Finance Manager

Edinburgh, Scotland,
Company: Ooni
Category: Management Occupations
Published 18 hours ago

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Be our Group Finance Manager! You'll be responsible for delivery of, you know, all the super exciting and important Finance-y things that are on every one of these Group Finance Manager job specs. Such as:
Leading the team to get month end over the line and management accounts out on time. Tracking and managing the process, providing status updates to Cristina (Group Financial Controller) and being the first point of escalation when something ain't working quite right.
Financial stock management across a variety of locations and channels with all the complexities of a growing business alongside an ever-growing list of new products and territories. Bonus points if you know all about buying products overseas and shipping them across the world.
Even though our amazing pizza ovens are the very peak of elegant simplicity, things can get pretty complex behind the scenes. We're multinational, multi-currency, multi-channel, multi-cheerios and, on top of all that, growing extremely fast. You'll laugh in the face of this so-called complexity, implementing the appropriate checks and balances as you do so.
Designing and overseeing a suite of financial reporting controls to fit into that month end process. Gotta cross those t's and dot those lower-case j's.
Spearheading the audit charge, and be the key point of contact with those pesky/helpful auditors.
The 'leading the team' bit is super important. You'll have a team of 4 reporting directly to you and a wider team of 6 indirect reports (for now... there will definitely be more to come). You'll be the most hands-on influence in their day to day task management, career development, training, and technical support across all things Finance. We're going to want to hear a lot about your management experience and leadership style. And maybe a dramatic recreation of one of your favourite motivational movie speeches.
Our ERP system is SAP Business ByDesign. It's a bit of a beast - but it'll be your beast and you’re going to love it. Ultimately, anything financial that goes in there has got to get past you first. You’ll help maintain and optimise our GL mappings, own the finance side of new integrations and transaction flows, and lead the charge as we chip away at our processes to make them ever more slick and efficient. There is literally a SAP hat and no one will judge you for wearing it every day.
The Company:
Go to YouTube and search “We are Ooni”. That wee video pretty much says it all. If you want the quick version, here it is:
We make AMAZING pizza ovens that cook AMAZING pizza in 60 seconds. Beyonce's got one. Whatevs.
We’re growing really really fast and have no plans to slow down. Get ready for some more growing.
We’re now up to over 280 in the whole team. That was 100 this time last year and only 50 the year before that. It’s fun meeting so many new people but we’re going to need name badges soon. I think I read somewhere that lanyards are this season’s bumbag.
These are our values: Passion, Rigour, Innovation, Ambition and Kindness. We really do live by them and demand them in everything we do. It ain’t just corporate mumbo jumbo to us. See how they’re capitalised to show how important they are?
Apply if:
You've got a super smart big accounting brain that helped you get CIMA/CA/ACCA or similarly qualified. QBE could also work if that E is right for this role.
You have 5+ years of experience in accounts and finance. You’ve got to know your way around a balance sheet and P&L. You probably also see the world in journal entries like some kind of nerdy Neo from the Matrix. Like when you buy a Mars Bars you think 'credit bank, debit sweeties'.
You have experience leading a team. You know how to motivate, organise, prioritise, nurture and pull together to get the job done.
You have experience of complex inventory management, particularly intercompany stock transfers. Terms like landed cost, FOB and OTW are your bread and butter.
You have experience working your way around a big ERP system. Working knowledge of SAP Business ByDesign would be a bonus but is not essential.
You're an unstoppable problem solving machine. Whatever that problem may be, you've got the initiative and drive to research and execute the solution. It could be analysis of EU tax compliance, working out the back end financial mechanics for a crowdfunding campaign or setting up a new procurement process for the whole business. It doesn't matter. No challenge is safe when you point your (possibly but not necessarily metaphorical) problem solving sword at it.
=if(candidate="awesome at Excel","Woo hoo!","Sorry pal you've got to know your pivot tables from your xlookups for this gig.")
You can really get on board with our values. Especially Rigour for this job. And even more especially Passion. Actually, especially all of them. They’re all important.
£50-65k. It depends how amazing your experience is.
£1,000 to spend on Ooni stuff every year!
£500 to spend on your passion every year – whatever that may be. It’s Excel, right? Imagine how many ‘I Love Spreadsheets’ mugs you could buy for £500…
Great pizza every single day if you want it. Yep. Every single day. And we’ll teach you to become a pizza pro.
Pension scheme, cycle to work, lots of treats, weekly yoga classes.
35 days of holiday, plus 5 additional weeks of time off when you've been here 5 years
We love our people and look after them well. If there's something that's important to you but missing here, let's chat about it and see what we can do.
If you need to know more, have a look at our website. Read a bit about our values and products and generally just have a wee Google. If you like what you see and you fit the bill, send in your CV with a cover letter to tell us why you want to come on board. We really like nice letters – especially ones that are personalised just for us and this job - so please please please don’t forget that bit. We've never hired someone who didn't write us a nice letter. Except Dorota... but she did a very cool dance.
Closing Date – Monday 30th May
Having a fantastic culture is really important to all of us at Ooni. We work hard to make it diverse and inclusive, and want everyone to have access to the same opportunities. If you would like this advert in a different format or need an alternative method of applying, please let us know. You can email us at [email protected]

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Job offer: Group Finance Manager

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