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Full Stack Enginner

London, England,
Company: MediaSense
Category: Production Occupations
Published 3 months ago

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• You will have good communication skills so you can collaborate with users and project owners to collect requirements and change requests.

• You think of the complete system, from Database, to internal API's and the front end, all the while considering how the solutions will be perceived by users.

• You'll likely have a preferred programming language, tools and servers, but you are happy to, and have investigated other systems. You're confident in picking up new skills when required to complete the project.

• You can take ownership of a project, break it down into smaller tasks and can communicate the current status to the business.


• We have NodeJS, C#, Clojure and Python code in production, which often has a PostgreSQL database, but sometimes is something entirely different.

• We design APIs in Swagger/Open API.

• Strive to write clean, maintainable code and similarly have our infrastructure documented / created by Terraform and similar tools.

• In collaboration with project owners and users, we design and implement out our own user interfaces.

• We host our own code on Linux, sometimes in AWS.

• Ensure that non-functional requirements such as security, performance, maintainability, and scalability are being considered when architecting solutions.

• Try to develop simple, but creative solutions to problems, where they exist.


As MediaSense grows we wish to engage our clients in new ways, including web-based alerting, reporting and communications platforms.

MediaSense also captures and stores both digital adverting data and traditional offline data which is becoming increasingly larger and complex. To help our analysts we often need to create in-house tools to surface new data sources, allow easier access and increase efficiency.

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Job offer: Full Stack Enginner

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