There are many Christmas jobs you can apply if you are looking for extra money.

In order to get a great Christmas job for this season, you have to do the followings:

Plan early. This step might be the most important thing for a successful Christmas job, because it allows you to look for a job early and without rush. Make a list of lists which you want to achieve during the holidays. You can set your future plans about your Christmas holiday. Knowing what you want to do will help you to look for the best job that can fit your preferences. The more you know about yourself, the better the job that fits your profile.

Online writing

If you have writing skills and interested to write for money, there are multiple jobs and jobs sites you can find and work for so you can earn an extra money.

There are many websites that offer to write for money such as:

  1. Freelance Copywriter

Freelance writing jobs for beginners

When you get paid to write articles or write content, you get paid per word. The amount you would get per word depends on your writer rank and your experience as a writer.

You can do the following to rank up as a freelance writer:

Quality of content you write:

It is a lot easy to get a job as a part-time writer if you have the writing skills and a great command of language you can write a great quality article and get a good rating from your editors. When you have a good rating from the editors, then you will have a steady flow of jobs and can earn a decent income working part time as a writer.

Usually, if you write a good article and get a good rating from your editor then you will get a great amount per word. It is also necessary that you get a good feedback and ratings from the clients and the editors and this will help you to get better and more work and earn a better income.

Customer service

You can do part-time work as a customer executive and you will provide assistance to the customers when they need help. So kind of like you will be like a supervisor to the customer and help to resolve their issues and solve problems.

To be a part-time customer service representative, you should have good communication and good customer service skills and you should know to maintain a good customer relationship and provide a good service and support to the customers preferably those who would buy your products and those who would want to use your services. Also before start this kind of job, you need to write a resume that will highlight your skills and areas where you like to work and knowledge and previous work experience and ability to work as well as your personality and if you’re a good team player.

Social Media Manager

You can work as a social media manager for a company or a firm or a brand or a small business or a start up business and you will handle the social media accounts of a company.

You can follow company accounts and can post updates and photos to the social media accounts and can also post videos or any other kind of content to the company social media accounts.

This kind of job is good for any person who like to stay online for whole day and like to interact with other people and like to share pictures and like to share posts and like to share what they feel about any topic or any person or any kind of things.

There are many websites where you can find social media manager jobs ads vacancies to apply for jobs.

Hosting jobs

You can work as a host for events, private parties, weddings, conferences, music shows, etc, where you will need to attend to the guests and greet them and welcome them and introduce them to the rest of the guests and will help to manage them and introduce them to other guests and it will include light activities.

To be a part-time host, you just need to get an experience in this field and go with it to various places and be a part of the social events and stay with people and meet new people and be good with people.

Another thing you need is to be good with communication skills and hand on skills. hand on skills they are not my strong points but communication they are very good.

Ski instructor

Ski instructor is one of the greatest Christmas jobs that you can get. People usually spend there Christmas break by going to the ski resort. As a ski instructor, you are expected to instruct your customers on how to ski using different techniques. Then you are expected to monitor your customers while they are skiing to ensure that they don’t fall down and hurt themselves.

All you need to do is take the skills course and study to become a ski instructor and then apply for a job at a ski resort and start working.

You can apply to be a ski instructor Holiday job anytime. The ski season usually begins around November all the way to April. It is one of the most attractive jobs as it pays very well as long as you are skilled enough.

Santa Claus

Before you start hating me, hear it! We all know Santa Claus. Everybody knows Santa Claus is a maker of happiness. He brings season of hospitality and love to all families all over the world.

And now, you can become a Santa Claus in your city. You can work in shopping malls, shopping centers, local churches or private events. You must wear Santa’s red coat, hat, beard, shoes, belts, etc. to fulfill your duty.

Many big shopping centers are always looking for experienced Santa Claus. Besides, you can perform your job to meet families and give them happiness and love. It is estimated that 1.5 million people are working as Santa Claus every year.

More than 200,000 Santa Clauses are working in the UK. Many of them are making more than £30,000. This job is why you can easily make hundreds of pounds. You can do this job if you are hired. Almost all children love Santa Claus. They would like to show you cards, candy, etc. to play with you. In return, you can ask them about what kind of presents they want. Just as you wanted, you can be Santa Claus to them. If you think that children are good customers, then you will be amazed by their sincerity!

Christmas tree seller

Not much time to discuss, Christmas tree sellers must be very creative for this job so they can earn more. Because during Christmas time, people usually buy trees to decorate their home or office, so finding ways to sell more trees can be very helpful for this job.

However, if you are lacking any creativity, you can consider other job that can help you sell your trees to more customers by joining an tree company. If you still want to do it by yourself, you can market your products by placing them in bazaars or at schools.

Holiday decoration seller

Holiday decoration is a very special element in term of Christmas. Selling holiday decoration can be a good option for you if you want make extra money during Christmas day.

Make sure you show your products in a creative and attractive way to persuade your customers to buy your products.

You can choose a shop or a street stall as a shop that you can put your products with a good environment that is suitable for your products.

It is very important to have a good quality for your products so you can sell them to customers with a cheaper price.

Christmas photographer

If you like taking pictures, why don’t you apply as a Christmas photographer? Get your camera ready. The professional photographers can capture people’s memories when they are shopping or celebrating Christmas. It is easy to get the job even if the experience is not required. You should just introduce yourself. It is good for beginners to gain some money during Christmas time.